How Can I Win A Girl'd Heart

How To Win A Girl's Heart

Sealing the Deal

Share in her emotions. If she gets a perfect score on her math test, be cheerful about it! If she is having a bad day, let her know that you feel her pain and that you want her to feel better. Ask her if there is any way that you can make her feel better.

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If you know of a surefire way to cheer her up, use it when she's down. Maybe she likes a special kind of fro-yo that's only available two towns south. Maybe she's excited about teddy-bears that they make her laugh. Whatever it is, go the extra mile to help show her what she means to you.

Love her for her quirks. Everyone has something they don't like about the person they love, but if you have too many big things on that list, that's trouble. You need to love her for the things that make her special, for her uniqueness. Tell her so.If she's insecure about something, for example, you'd have a golden opportunity to make her…

How To Clean Baby Cradle Cap Dandruff

How To Clean Baby Cradle Cap Dandruff

Cradle cap, also called infantile seborrheic dermatitis, is an oily, patch of thick white, yellow, or brown scaly skin. Though it commonly occurs on the scalp, it can also occur on the ears, nose, eyelids, and groin. Doctors believe that it is caused by the oil glands and hair follicles in the baby’s skin producing too much oil. It may also be caused by a fungus called malassezia yeast that grows in the scalp's oil glands.[1] It is not contagious, not caused by an allergy, and is generally not itchy. It is not dangerous and usually clears up on its own within a few weeks to a few months, but you can take actions to speed along the process.

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Taking Care of Cradle Cap at Home

Rub a small amount of mineral oil, baby oil, or petroleum jelly into the scaly patches. Allow the oil or jelly to soak in for 15 minutes. This will soften and loosen the crusts, making

them easier to remove.[2]
Because chemicals can…